Marketing Luxury Properties

I have watched a phenomenon happening in the luxury market as it has shifted from local to global. Over the past three years, international buyers have played a significant role in the Los Angeles high-end market, with several notable luxury properties purchased by international buyers. Coldwell Banker Previews International® has been the luxury real estate leader for over 50 years. The full weight of this distinction is seen in the vast research and tools dedicated to local and global luxury real estate markets, currently in place, to analyze and market your home. Our preferred ranking on top real estate search websites, plus connection to 82,000 Coldwell Banker Previews agents ensure a strong continuous presence for your home on these high traffic websites, plus consistent face to face, agent networking. Staying informed and moving quickly to respond to market shifts is key in todays fast pace global economy. Knowing the luxury market inside and out positions us in a unique way to react to these changes.

Our Value Proposition

Our track record of over 400 homes sold, success in up and down markets, team experience and the resources of one of the largest brokerages in the world provide unique benefits for our discerning home sellers and home buyers:
Home Sellers: We can help you get the most money in the least amount of time with expert marketing, pricing and negotiation strategies.
Home Buyers: We can help you find the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood to live the lifestyle you dream about.


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